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We refer your song to influencers with the same target group as you, so they can promote your song or your account by using links and hashtags. They will upload stories or posts with your selected content. Depending on the number of followers of the respective influencer you extend your reach and thus your number of followers or streams.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take until the shout out is uploaded by the influencer?

  • It takes up to 5working days to find a influencer with the right target group and cuploading the shout out.

Can I choose an influencer to upload my content?

  • No, because the focus is not on the influencer, but on his followers. We choose an influencer who has a follower base that best suits to your target audience

Why is it important to do social media marketing?

  • In the 21st century it is essential to promote your music through social media channels. You can use platforms such as Instagram to get in touch with potential listeners and fans. In this way you can build a sales funnel and direct your fans to your music or merchandise products.



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